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"Heaven is an artist at work," William Blake

Eirene, one of the only female artists to be included in Pliny's Biography of Artists, is my baptismal name, meaning "peace" in Greek.

I am inspired by my ancient roots in the Cyclades to create art that is ancient post-modern through encaustic, mixed media and photography.  

I work out of my studio in Astoria/LIC, a long-held Hellenic enclave as well as my summer studio/retreat center in the Cyclades, Greece. 

As an educator with 25 years of experience, I give workshops and private sessions.  I am working to become certified as a licensed expressive arts therapist through IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.)


I am also a journalist/writer/author and children's book illustrator.   

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The ancient Greek technique of “enkaustikos” used fire, earth (pigments), water (wax) and air to waterproof ships and paint statues in vibrant colors.  This versatile medium has made a comeback in the post-modern world.  Get inspired by the raw elemental beauty of Greece, the minimal blue and white palate of Cycladic aesthetic to create in a private atelier with studio overlooking a secluded bay.

Art Retreats in Ios, Cyclades

Combine a relaxing beach vacation with art and nature.  Our art retreat is located in the Cyclades, the magical ring of islands, that date back to the Bronze Age. The raw elemental beauty of the stone, the sea, the air, and the sun provide the white space, the clean canvas from which you will create. 

Guided nature and photography walks, herbal and culinary demonstrations, soap making, multimodal art activities,  culture and history lessons–plenty of opportunities to learn while you relax.  However, my speciality is encaustic, an ancient Greek technique mentioned in The Odyssey with the painted ships of the Greeks at Troy. 

All this in a private minimal stone villa with a verandah overlooking the sea. Organic locally farmed meals; a private atelier/art studio with all materials included. Possible island hopping to nearby Santorini, Naxos, Paros. 7 nights/7 days all inclusive $1,500 pp.

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